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Role of Public Figures in Tackling Coronavirus Pandemic

Currently the human face is facing a dangerous pandemic. The pandemic I am referring to is known as Coronavirus or COVID 19. The virus whose origin was from Wuhan in China has spread to almost all the countries all over the world. However, information about coronavirus is yet to reach a lot of people. The people who are spreading the virus are the ones who have little information or do not know anything about this pandemic. However, the public can be made aware of the pandemic, how the viruses are spread and how to prevent contracting the disease in many ways. Sensitization of the public about coronavirus can be achieved in various ways, and one of them is the use of public figures.

Politicians, social media personalities and business leaders are public figures. Public figures hold a certain social position in the community that make them famous in the community. Therefore, the popularity that public figures have can be utilized to spread information about coronavirus. A good way of influencing public belief and attitude towards the coronavirus is by through public figures. The pandemic can be well handled and subdued in time to avoid a catastrophe if public figures put their efforts and enthusiasm in educating the public about the coronavirus pandemic.

The lockdowns that many governments have imposed on their citizens due to the coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of economies. These lockdowns have been implemented to limit the movements of people so that the spread of the coronavirus can be minimal. Therefore, the lockdowns have made it difficult for people to interact physically in addition to making economies fall physically. Therefore, public figures cannot go around sensitizing and educating the public about coronavirus. However, during the lockdowns, the internet can be a useful tool when it comes to spreading information about coronavirus.

Most public figures have social media accounts that they use to stay in touch with their fans. Also, almost everyone has a mobile phone, a desktop, a laptop that is connected to the internet due to the advancements in technology. Public figures can use these social media platforms to inform the public about coronavirus pandemic. By informing the population, public figures can help in implementing governments’ orders, and requests that are aimed at ensuring the spread of the virus is limited. Also, public figures can be a source of hope to the world. A public figure can instill hope to millions of people who are infected by using his or her social position to inform the public about hope. If you are a public figure, you should use your social position to help the medical faculty and the governments in tackling coronavirus pandemic.

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